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    Oh Joy...Oh happiness

    Had a call from Greenblood asking why he is getting his e-mail to me bounced. cry cry
    I have been told that due to the latest bug the e-mail servers are bursting at the seams so my autospeed account has shut down until they can dig all the crap out of their system. Had a mail from a guy in the UK who is having the same problems with one or two of his accounts also, so anyone with a free web based e-mail server, if all of a sudden you notice a sudden slow down in mail arriving, this could be your reason.
    The Yahoo lists have all gone deathly quiet in the past few days so it would be fair to assume that things aren't all that good overseas either.
    Might be time to trot out a good book. deal deal


    Alan S cheers!
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    I've been reading on other boards that Sobig has been causing a lot of strife. People have received hundreds of these junk mails. Looks like Macquarie Uni was a bit slow to respond according to a post I read:

    When I was looking at the AARNET stats for NSW it looked to me like all the unis did see a peak in outgoing mail traffic on Friday - with UWS having quite a noticable one - but MQ seemed to be the only site that didn't resolve the problem.

    Their traffic volume yesterday was back to 1322.16 MB of outgoing SMTP, down from Monday's peak of 2902.63MB and below Friday's 1437.03MB, but still above their normal 300-500MB.
    So far things seem well on the two Yahoo lists I follow.

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