Times are changing, or is that a little bit of froggie history repeating?
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    Times are changing, or is that a little bit of froggie history repeating?

    Lads and ladies, just had to comment on the recent (last few years and now), uprising and domination in Motor Sport by frech labels!!.. makes me smile.
    The WRC dominated by Pugs and Cits. Now the F1 has a new force to reckon with! Renaults win, puts all 3 brands firmly as established brands. Competetive and all done with typical Frenchie flavour, and lots of style!

    Is this just our time, are we seeing a new wave come sweeping through?
    Or is it that RETRO theme has hit Motorsport? history has a funy way of coming back onto us, i like it.


    ps, Look out 2004, french domination again?
    ... ptui!

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    You could be right; it could be a touch of retro which if it is, it has to be remembered that given French history, there could be a strong incentive to succeed....after all it was the French who also invented the saying "Off with his head!!" eek! eek! mallet

    THAT'S what you call motivation. deal cry

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    Henry the Eighth experimented with this approach fairly extensively a while before Madame Guillotine (though maybe he would have been more inclined to use the phrase "off with her head). mallet

    My own experiences with English cars of bygone years lead me to believe that it was also a saying more closely connected with English driving experiences than French. spanner wink



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    Yes, I'm sure chopping heads off was a common thing in medievil England, however despite the guillotine being used as a tool of the first french revolution in 1789, it is still unknown who actually invented it. It is believed a very similar device was being used in parts of what later became Germany and Italy long before Doctor Joseph Guillotin suggested its use to the National Assembly.

    That's my pointless history lesson for the week anyway .

    For one more pointless fact, did you know that the last time the French used a guillotine was 1977!

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    I assume you mean for its intended purposes? Not just to slice up a really crusty baguette? eek!
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    I think its just that when the French makes decide to go racing, they always come up with the goods (ehem, except Peugeot's F1 venture *cough* whistle ). Just shows how competetive they are.

    I freaked when i heard Honda were coming back to F1 years ago because i thought they had the same endeavour as Renault...decide to go racing to be the best. Then i realised Honda didnt have Renault to copy this time around (Honda actually had a wide angled V10 on the drawing board, so in case Renault had hit a winner they could have quickly jumped on the wide angled V10 band wagon disappro )

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    I love french cars.The recent Renault win has bolstered that folks..

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