Talking about repair costs
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    Talking about repair costs

    Just had to post this one on from an overseas board where members were having a talk about prices of parts & repairs that were "over the top" when Anders from Denmark posted this one...should nearly be in the humour page if it wasn't so bloody disgraceful.

    "'91 Peug 605. Failed MOT on HC value 450.
    Had slightly uneven idle too.

    Estimated Peug garage work (after testing the car) :
    no idle problem detected
    HC value confirmed too high approx 450
    *> new valve stem oil seals approx 700-800
    *> new cat converter approx 700
    *> no guarantee this work cures the problem.

    - the problem ??

    2 months earlier this car had a headgasket change - the head was stored on a workbench - with plugs still fitted.


    The owner decided to grown over the car while testing the basics at home - started on the plugs - one plug had a gap clearance of 0.1mm.
    Corrected - idle went dead-stable again and owner rushed for re-MOT - HC value now 40 - passed MOT !

    Submitted by the owner on the Swedish Akuten Citroen Q & A "

    So I suppose charging = to A$4000 to adjust the gap on a spark plug is a tad excessive dontcha agree? deal mallet

    Alan S mallet cry cry

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