volvo 440 in aus?
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    volvo 440 in aus?

    Was the volvo 440 turbo ever brought to aus, because if it was I would like to know, I found out the engine is the exact same as in my 19txe except the compression was lowered and it was turbocharged. This would bolt straight in my car and would be a great starting point to modify.

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    Volvo never brought out the 440 Turbo to Australia. We only got the later 440 2.0, which was also a Renault based engine - nothing spectacular on paper, but bear in mind it actually weighs about the same as a 206, even though its larger than a 307!

    It was basically a turboed (Garrett) Renault 1.7 - IIRC, the capacity is the same as the R19's 1.7. There really isn't much Volvo in the powertrain of the 400 Series - it's chiefly Renault.

    It's not a full blown turbo, 89kW & 175Nm (albeit 1800-4600rpm).



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