Licence Plate Obstruction
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    Licence Plate Obstruction

    Has anyone seen this?
    <a href="" target="_blank">phantomplate</a>
    I'm really tempted.
    Any comments/thoughts?



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    So am I.

    Do you know anyone doing this?
    Website does give the impression of a scam but...

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    Arthur, getting caught with that, would carry the same penalties as having a radar detector or mud smeared plates to stop detection, you'd possibly get away with it for a while. However once caught your car could be linked on a data bank just waiting, the product you refered to dosen't appear to block the whole no/plate at once, therefore each offence would leave a pic of your car & partial plate each time, there is a potential that if found out, and tracked back via computer, that you would be paying off fines forever & have lost enough points to never gain another license. cheers!
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    Sounds like crap to me. Most of the cameras I've seen in the last year or 2, don't use flashes, that way the can get poeple going both ways without risking blinding someone with a flash.

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    I'm quite surprised that nobody has thought of the ol' sheet of contact and black texta trick.

    Or have they....? wink
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    just briefly looking at the front page of those websites, seemed like the effect was done electronically with a graphics program, especially the partial blur one.
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    I saw a jap import car at night with an extremely reflective number plate, and the area around it was also very shiny. It was obvious when I was driving behind them the had used some reflective spray, and if I can spot it I am sure a cop following would too.
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    Remember the urban legend of the guy who went through a red light, got caught by a red light camera, and he had taken off his plates and did a mooney or something? But the police got his details from a for sale sign on the car. I wouldnt be surprised if that was true.
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    I was once caught by a mobile speed camera (the type that sit ontop of the cops squad car) I got flashed doing about 15km/h over them limit "DAMMIT" I thought and paciently waited for the ticket to come in the mail...

    I was on my way home from bathurst at the time in my dads car and the rear of the car was covered in dirt. I never got the ticket in the mail (been 4 years now) so I just put it down to the plate was obstructed with too much mud and drit wink

    But my uncle had some spray stuff (like the stuff on that website) on his numberplate and *NEARLY* got busted about a year ago for it. He was pulled up by a cop following him at night...He said it was just the tyre/bumper sheen and the cop *just* let him go, but was very lucky.
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