The WORST Has Happened.
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    The WORST Has Happened.

    I got a lift home with my friends and my 306 has GONE.
    I am like wtf, I am the only person with the keys, so I think the worst.
    My parents are home and I ask them about the whereabouts of my car.
    They tell me they have SOLD IT.
    Pardon??!! [email protected]#$%
    They have sold it to some chic down the street.
    My name is on the rego, and I still have the only key for it, so I told them its damn not sold, and run out of the house looking for my car.
    I come back and tell my parents I am going to sue them if they don't get my car back.
    My car comes into the street.
    I am about ready to kill anything that moves.
    Respective parents talk it over and decide that maybe its not such a good idea to sell someone elses car.
    I ask my parents why they sold it, and my Dad replies, I didn't think you used it enough.
    Then they agree to give me my car back. They thought I would be happy with $15000. It is not the money, I love my car.
    I get the car back, check for scratches, and notice one of the amps is missing.
    The father of the chic walks back down the street looking for it.
    Then my alarm goes off and I wake up.
    I am sweating and my fists are clenched.
    I swear to God that the dream felt so real I am still shaking.
    If anyone pisses me off at work today they are dead.

    ~ gemma ~
    '95 306 S16

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    Riiiight, things sound a little too highly strung in your neck of the woods Gem.

    I know how you feel though, my Alfa for broken into and all me ICE stollen, could of killed the pricks. They were caught in the end thanks to my own investigations.
    B to the R to the A from the D
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    Can I leave my car with your parents Gem?

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    Sounds like the nightmare I had once that my parents sold the family house. That's one thing I could NEVER accept. I tend to get very attached to things when they have been in the family since before I was born.


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    Very Interesting

    The conflict of the ego and super ego in individuals with obsessive francoautophyllic tendancies clearly manifests itself in a strange oedipal complex involving strong inverted narcoleptic fantasies.

    I would strongly recommend therapy. Just stay away from that Jung guy. Thinks he knows about dreams! Huh!



    (PS - I'd lock up the parents , and make sure the phone is disconnected whenever you are out anyway. Just in case!)
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    Good story Gem, you had me convinced until the end! Lucky it was only a dream eek! dance
    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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    Craig I agree I thought it was real and it could very possibly be in this "helter-skelter" work were in... eek!

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    You know you should see someone about this phobia of yours........... eek! There are some undetected underlying issues I think....... evil

    At least we know what the most important thing in your life is......... :p

    Jono roll_lau whistle
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    GEM, as a fellow S16 owner i know what you mean..... but much more REAL!!
    I had my old ex-bathurst ALFA taken away by the council!!!! there in the morning gone by the(x2 weeks later) arvo.
    It had a Green enviro sticker on it, whilts i was away on holidays, hence i didn't/couldn't do anything bout it.
    It don't matter as i got more for it that way than by actually selling it. $3000 check, and i paid $2500, and it was in need of repair..
    cheers Xq
    ... ptui!

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