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Thread: Shoplifting

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    Why do you think people shoplift? When I was a child, I thought people shoplifted because they were poor and couldn't afford. Now I'm 21 and read the papers, listen to the news, etc. and its not so clear to me why people shoplift.

    One thing that is clear is that shoplifting seems to be almost exclusively a female "avocation". The ladies who steal aren't stealing food, they seem to steal jewelry, perfume, make-up, and other odd non-essentials. And the ladies who steal these things aren't poor.

    My mom was looking at sample houses with the lady across the street. While this is not shoplifting, my mom noticed that in one of the sample houses the lady casually slipped a small candle holder into her purse. My mother never mentioned it to the lady because she was and still is in shock.


    This type of theft is interesting, I just don't understand it, I mean if you're going to steal, why not make it worth your while.

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    I use to work at Daimaru a department store in Melbouren (before they shut down last year)and witnessed and heard of numerous shoplifting incidents. The more interesting stories came courtesy of the female shoplifters.

    One of the funniest stuff ups though was when a woman went to try on a designer lable dress, stepped out of the changing room and made sure no one was looking, then walked calmly over to the entrance near by...Well everyone then started to look as this women wearing sneakers and a $700 dress walked out of the store with sensor alarms going off!!

    Another incident involved myself (no i didnt get busted for stealing from my employer,not yet anyway..jokes)
    I was working in the tie department when two males fully suited looking very respectable approached me. One then came over to me and started talking to me, asking me question about what i was going to do when the store closes, whilst his sidekick "looked" at ties.
    I then realised something dodgy was going on as i tried to look over at the guy "looking" at the ties, his friend then tried to get into the way of my vision and continued to talk to me. I played along with their little game as it was our job not to try and stop shoplifters but to report any "questionable" actions to risk control. So as soon as they left the area i was straight onto the phone to Risk Control whom happily escorted the two "respectably dressed" men, of to the cop shop.

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