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    Latest Magazine Articles

    I thought it might be an idea to add a thread where we post the details of any French car related mag articles, seeing we get a few spread round the forum.

    A bit late, but the June edition of 'Practical Classics' has a Peugeot 205 GTi/CTi buyers guide - quite comprehensive. And they're starting the rebuild of a ripple bonnet 2CV in July (which should be out now).




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    I have most of the Practical Classics for the past 9 years. In one of the first ones I got there is a buyers guide to the Traction Avant and there have been a few other French related articles in recent years. The editor Will Holman has a 505 station wagon, although he doesn't list it in the magazine. There have also been a rash of 205GTIs on teh staff in the past few years.
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    The July Practical Classics has an articale on '70s every day cars ... it was a "whatever happenned to...." article...

    They featured a GS along with a Datsun 180B (we knew it as the 200B model in Aus; River SD1 2600 (Straight Six - we never got the straight six in Aus only the 3500 V8; and a Talbot (I'm thinking Mitsubishi Colt / Dodge Omni equvalent...)

    And the summary... "if I was going to own any of these for it would be the Citroen... it was a great car when it won the Car of the year award in 1970 and is still a fun drive all these years later"...

    I guess I'm gloating cos I just bought one!!!
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