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Thread: Doh!!

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    Ah well, I guess we all stuff up occasionally.
    After searching and waiting almost a year to get new rear brake shoes for the R21, I finally got them and fitted them and was enjoying having good brakes again. But I have a horrible cold this week and in my Codral induced hazy state of mind I drove off with the handbrake on. 20 km of 100kph highway travel later the smell finally made itself apparent, and I pulled over to find smoke pouring out of the right rear wheel. Got home, pulled drum off to find to my horror completly fried shoes - cracked and burnt complete with badly glazed drums and some dodgy looking rubber on the (new) wheel cylinders. cry cry

    I tried to drown my sorrows in alcohol, but the bastards learnt how to swim

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    this wasnt on the R21 I hope? eek!

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