State Rally Championship at Eastern Creek
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    State Rally Championship at Eastern Creek



    I picked up a pamphlet on the weekend for the SRC at Eastern Creek. I knew Eastern Creek was low on funding but I didnt think it was in that bad a condition!

    But seriously, looking through the 53 entries, there are your regulation WRX and Lancers making the bulk of the field but other cars include Protons, XR8s, VR4, Corolla moon , Civics and of all things a bloody VR Commodore???? mallet

    There are no Frogs in the field - whats the story? Are there no Peugeot rally cars in NSW?


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    The state rally series, is quite tough and competetive. The classes which they run makes it more competetive and more financially feasable to run a Jap or local common car, as parts and work-shops are more common,..
    If it means anythig to you Stuart and Andrew at North Shore Rally Sport, or Esscargo have a Rally GrpA 306 Pug and a GTP 306 car aswell.. the also have a monster 504 Safari car too. Give them a bell if you are trully interested, i think the link is <a href="" target="_blank"></a> good luck mate. cheers Xq
    ... ptui!

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