Spam, who do we rid it from the inbox?
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    Default Spam, how do we rid it from the inbox?

    Yes I've applied rules to Outlook Express & also tried using Incredimail which has the feature of look on the server before you download, but the sender's email address changes each time

    I'd get about 30 spam per day of which probably 3 contain a virus for quarantine.
    A name "Bob Natoli" is a regular to me, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Is there a program to successfully filter spam email?
    One that is contacting a large data base list of mass emailers so this program can delete immediately would be the go.


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    With four active e.mail addresses, I get plenty of spam... but in the last four weeks only about four that might have been viruses.

    Major reduction in virus arrivals... worst offender is the 'we can give you two inches extra' or 'hot mothers do their sons' kind of stuff.

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    As mentioned in my spam email to you

    Give POCO Mail a shot, has the features you are looking for and then some. You can set to delete all mail from the 'same domain' foiling the change of address routine that a lot of spammers use. Downloadable common spam addresses to start your filtering, new spammers can be emailed to add to the download list, delete mail at the server.....

    I haven't fully explored it yet but apparently it resolves many of the security issues still un-resolved in MS products and has it's own anti virus filter built in, not free but if it is half as good as is suggested could be worth paying for, I'll keep you posted as to my impressions wink I'm trialing an evaluation copy at the mo.


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    I use MailMarshal at work. It's very good, but at $10K it's a bit out of reach for this site. Not sure about free mail filters. There's bound to be some Linux based systems around.

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    One of the options is to divert all your known-good email (friends etc) to another folder as soon as it arrives. So your inbox will be left with all unknown sender emails.
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    Mailwasher is what I used to use when I had a PC.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    You check your e-mail with it, and it deletes the spam then passes your mail over to Outlook/Outlook Express or whatever email program you use.

    It's a Kiwi program too!


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    Fantastic program; what a bloody relief.
    No more of these twisted sisters, drug dealers, potential Cecil B DeMills with their queer mates doing all kind of unnatural things AWww! I wonder if I'll miss it? mallet mallet dance dance moon moon

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    I seem to find all the good programs and websites for you don't I! Maybe I should start charging a commission?

    Seriously though, yes, Mailwasher is as good as it gets. I now have a Mac (for my own computer) and Apple Mail has its own intelligent junk mail filtering system. I'd have to say it gets it right more often than Mailwasher, but it's still not 100% <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    I just set Apple Mail to 'Automatic' and let it go for it. If it doesn't get it right, you click the message and then click 'Junk' and in the future if anything like it comes through it's automatically sorted. It's also got the same feature as Mailwasher where you can send fake 'bounce' messages saying that your email address doesn't exist. Perfect for scaring away the stupid spammers evil


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