bx is an XM, just came back from fowles
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    bx is an XM, just came back from fowles

    ok...after i ##****ed up my light 15 purchase i thought what the helll...lets go and have a look at the BX advertised at fowles....anyway the MORONS at fowles didnt have the faintest...the car is actually an XM...beautiful car although the report is very very negative...they probably didn t even drive the bloody thing...well initially i wasn t going to post about it but since i will probably be short of money for the XM i thought you guys should know....will probably go cheap...also there was a fixable xantia, the GTI CX is repairable but has been hit quite hard from back (thats the car i really wanted 2 have a look at)...there is a reasonable (undamaged)18gts wagon which i m sure nobody will even look at although i think they r a fine car,...there was a nice 405 (sri i think) needs a little bit of work but is probably not worth the hassle...there is a couple of 505 wagons that could esily make one...all in all mostly junk but the XM is definitely worth going for...



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    I should have twigged it with the Reg. no > XM1111

    mallet mallet

    Here's the ad....the 5 speed auto must be a hoot roll_lau roll_lau

    <a href="http://www.fowles.com.au/auctions/lot.asp?Auction=FP141&Number=1373116" target="_blank">http://www.fowles.com.au/auctions/lot.asp?Auction=FP141&Number=1373116</a>

    Alan S deal
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    What's the gen on those 505 wagons?

    Not for my sake, but others might be interested...

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    Hey Ray,

    go the CX GTi, it'd be muuuuucccchhhhh more interesting than a 505. Fixing it would be no problem. Just find an old CX2200 that's "free to any home", and weld the straight panels from the 2200 onto the GTi

    simple !! Infact, Alan ... I could see you driving a GTi. You've gots lotsa spare parts cars too :p

    Shane L.
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    Good luck dino! Let us know how you go.

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    406 coupe in there as well
    looks a little burnt though and 1/2 the bonnet is missing
    looks as though it's a fibreglass bonnet
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    sorry ray ...what do you mean by GEN???u r not using that SMS crap on me r u???? just kidding...
    well...from what i remeber the cx gti looked pretty good inside...love the interior of those things ...seem to be much taugher than your average CX....it was basically hit from the back (left quarter...almost up to rear wheel so the rear screen is shaterred....but in good hands it would be a reasonably easy repair...i want be going as i know the xm will go to high for my wallet and i m really not that desperate for the gti 2 miss my sons 2nd birthday.....one has 2 write of most of the day when u go 2 that place and besides the xm will be like the last lot...but if i was desperate for one i d definitely be going...really this trip 2 fowles was just a little bit of therapy after missing on the 15....in regards to the 505s ..well its a bit of a shame really...because the better of the 2 is hit pretty hard up front whereas the other had the left doors taken in....but for less than a couple of grand one could have a pretty decent wagon and lots of spares.....but since i ve got the volvo now i m not really interested....tell u one thing though...there were a couple of volvos there and looking at the damage on them u d think they were hit at 200mph.. there is an 850 R there as well (undamaged)...be a nice little toy for justin...


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    I wonder if that 850R could donate a little power to my wee 1.6

    Peugeot 307 XS 1.6
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