**Well, you have been busy!!!!!**
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    **Well, you have been busy!!!!!**

    Hi Folks!!!

    Well, I am sitting here in the London (sunny too - which is nice!) and am looking at how busy you have all been back home!! I left Sydney on Feb 9 and have made my way east and am now here with the new lady! Sadly, no Mi16 either to keep me warm at night.............Must say Deka, am very impressed with the 99 XSi - I am a big fan to say the least. Am hoping to earn some serious cash over here and then bring it home in about a year and purchase new - Maybe a 206GTi 180 but more likely a 5 door 307. I tell you, the 307 SW are very popular over here in the UK and even took out "TOP GEAR" best MPV and the 3/5 door took out best small car - it beat the Golf and a few worthy mentionables too! They are saying that the quality of these new breeds are fantastic whereas the VW's were the old benchmark.

    In terms of "Froggies", the best place was of course Paris. I wish I had a digital camera to take piccies of all the variants that they have. Diesels are the fuel of choice. To tell you the truth, if my folks took their white 406HDi to Paris, someone would hail it for a cab in mistake - they are everywhere! But to use E & S class mercs/5 series BMW's and the like as Taxi's, they must be cheap! Interestingly, I saw an add for an entry level 206 in Paris and when you convert the Euros back to Aussie pesos, we get a good deal, it was like 13500 euros plus ORC.

    Am not planning on buying a car or motorbike whilst over here as there are just crazy prices for insurance due to a high theft rate in London. Have looked a 93 205 1.9 GTi (have to remember there were 1.6 GTi's here too!) for 2500 pounds. The insurance was 1500 pounds per year! Now they also have a congestion charge if you enter the CBD area on London which must be paid within the day you go into the city. Otherwise, the fine is 80pounds! OUCH!


    Well keep on having fun back in OZ and hope to catch up on a weekly basis!

    All the best from GEEZER land!
    Cheers, Stu G! snail
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    Hi Stu!

    Great to hear from ya - and yes, I like my new XSi too

    I agree with what you said about prices of cars in Europe - we do get a good deal cos the entry level 206 is $19 990 here. 13500 Euros is AUD$24 230

    Good luck with everything in London and keep us posted. I'm looking forward to the first drive when you're back. I might just 'borrow' the keys to that 206GTI180 <a href="http://www.aussiefrogs.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=000113;p=3#0000 30" target="_blank">like I did here...</a>

    Of course you can have my XSi in return


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