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    Good Cons

    Have you got any good stories about someone trying to con you? I just read this story on a travel forum I frequent. You've got to give the stall holder credit for trying

    The poster was at a market in Istanbul having a chat about $35 "genuine Rolexes"


    "I was offered a 'genuine Rolex' for $35. Even though I knew it to be a phony, I played along and asked if it was real.

    'Yes,' the vendor solemnly assured me. 'It is from Switzerland.'

    I turned it over and saw a paper sticker on the back which said, 'Made in China.'

    When I pointed that out, the vendor replied, 'Of course. 'China' is the name of the town in Switzerland where they make the Rolexes.'

    I thought his answer was so wonderful that I bought two of them, one for myself and one for my daughter. (He reduced the price to $30 each.)"

    In fact, about a year after I bought it I wore it on a trip to the States. The person sitting next to me kept staring at it and finally couldn't help himself from asking, "Excuse me, but if you can afford a Rolex, why do you fly Economy Class?"

    "It's okay," I told him, "It's an Economy Class Rolex."
    According to the poster, the watch ran well for around three years, but then the 'gold' tarnished and the watch gave up.

    Must remember to visit China next time I'm in Switzerland

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    I have a Rolex! (Genuine imitation)

    A mate of mine got it while on holiday in Bali. Its great (although the battery stopped ages ago, and I had too many links from the band removed).

    It actually looks ok, but the 'gold' began running off very quickly.

    Provided entertainment though, customers at work thought it was real (!).

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    My father told me about a bloke in Sydney in the '70s who sold Seiko fakes. They were made in Taiwan, but they had "Made in Switzerland" on the face roll_lau roll_lau roll_lau You could hear them ticking from a couple of feet away roll_lau roll_lau
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    You could hear them ticking from a couple of feet away
    And wondered why people would RUN away from him
    tick ... tick ... booom.

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    I bought a genuine copy in Bali, dropped it on the bathroom floor and all the "gold" roman numerals fell off! Bit hard to convince eveyone it was real with all the numbers floating around loose! Kept good time though. wink
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