Found this in an old Top Gear magazine; I can imagine that DS seats were the pefect ones to use for long trips! I like the use of Renault engines too
Blast From The Past
Top Gear, April 2001


Amongst the Bugattis, Delahayes and Hispano Suizas at the Retromobile classic car show in Paris last month, the largest crowd was clustered around what looked like a pair of over-sized Thunderbirds props. These were the remaining Aérotrain prototypes, the creations of French inventor Jean Bertin that were built in the '60s in response to plans for a high-speed transport link across France. Aérotrain 01 was ready for testing by the end of '65, appearing not dissimilar to a rivetted and polished aluminium Airstream caravan complete with a propeller on top. It packed six seats from a Citroen DS, plus a pair of 50bhp engines, from a Renault Gordini, driving fans that levitated it 3mm above a raised track, gliding along on the same prinicple as a hovercraft. Along side the 260bhp aircraft engine that propelled it, an auxiliary rocket was later added that saw it reach 188mph. The two-seater Aérotrain 02 moved the game on even futher in '67, boasting both a precariously-attached Pratt & Whitney jet engine and a rocket booster to top out at 262mph. The ultimate Aérotrain arrived two years later in the awesome shape of the I-80. This could carry 80 passengers at recorded speeds of up to 267mph in jet-powered form, going on to take a total of 2,900 passengers on full-thrust demonstations run up to '74. Sadly, in September '75, the French government opted for the TGV rail network instead, and 58-year-old Bertin died from a brain tumour in December of the same year. While the I-80 was subsequently destroyed by a fire in its storage hanger in '92, the freshly-restored Aérotrain 01 and 02 now stand as monuments to their inventor's vision. The concrete, raised test rail also still snakes 11 miles across the countryside near Orléans in central France.
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