Gearbox oils...some interesting calls.
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    Gearbox oils...some interesting calls.

    Here's a couple of postings off an overseas board in reference to gearbox oils and could explain why at times we hear some comment that using certain gear oils made their gearbox carry on whilst others comment on how a change made a big difference for the better.
    Anybody got any opnions/comments on this?? cry spanner


    "Could anybody tell me what sort of gearbox oil my Xantia TD should have?

    I've read the manual, and although it specifies a specific oil it doesn't give the specification of the oil required.

    Does anybody know what spec of oil is required?

    I'm thinking a generic API-GL4 75/80W oil is required. Can I replace API-GL4 fluid with API-GL5?"

    "GL5 isn't a replacement for GL4. It contains sulphur compounds that attack any brass components in the gearbox if the box isn't degigned for GL5. Having said that, I've not looked inside a Xantia gearbox so don't know if it's GL5 compatible."

    "Xantia World recommends "Shell SF 5288 75/80W gear oil"

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    Apparently this meets "API GL-4" and "PSA Standard B71 2315" (Found via a Dutch Shell site)."

    "I made the mistake of not reading the correct owners handbook, I read the one for my old Xantia. The new one suggests "Citroen Fluid Reference 9736 40 : 2 Litres" or " "Total Transmission BV New Formula". It also states that API-GL5 is required so maybe some substitution can happen, although I would prefer the original oil if it is in fact available locally at the right price."

    Who's right and who's wrong; anybody got any ideas? deal mallet

    Alan S cry dance
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    Al, not much to add except that I've definitely heard that argument before about some oils damaging brass/bronze components, like synchro rings.

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    What is wrong with oil.

    The stuff they get from rocks.

    I use the same oil in my gearbox/engine.

    It works

    my uninformed opinion

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