Replacing PLIP infrared remotes
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    Replacing PLIP infrared remotes

    Due to the loss of Kirstys keys for her R21, we are now working out what to do about remote locking (have normal spare keys for it still).
    Who out there has installed basic aftermarket alarms/immobilisors with remotes and wired them into factory french central locking? Just trying to work out what is the best sort to get and what they are worth. Dont really feel the need to make it more thief proof (people dont tend to flog oddball french cars), just want the remote back!

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    About 18mths ago, I installed a Rhino Immobiliser just for the remote control part. It works very well and was easy to wire into the 505 harness.

    The Rhion unit was about $90- from Dick Smith and the model number is RES4601. May also be available from Jaycar.

    If you need more information send me am email.


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