The sticker chase!
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    The sticker chase!

    Last night driving home on the Eastern I just about had my doors blown off by a red Alpine GTA - "here's a perfect candidate for a sticker" thinks I, however at 120+ I was torn between getting this guy on AF, and seriously jeopardising my current ability to hold a licence. I followed as best I could, until getting trapped behind an Audi doing 90 in the right hand lane, and then swamped by cars on all sides, watching the GTA escape at high speed down the inside right before the end of the Fwy. Thought I'd lost the guy, but doing a right hand turn up Rathdowne St I spotted him again at the head of the queue, but I was too far back to make it around the corner under the green arrow, and by the time I'd turned right, he was well out of sight... But still, it was worth a try! Does anyone know who this guy is (his plates were 'GTAV6') - can anyone catch him to give him a sticker? wink

    I've only ever seen a couple of these cars - the other was a white one in Box Hill, however I'm sure this red one is the same one I saw at the Melbourne All French Day a couple of years ago.

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    We had an orange/yellow coloured Alpine on the last Melbourne cruise.

    You should come next time - I really want to see a Cit do its stuff .
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    The GTA would be John Hardy's car.
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    Sounds like that bloody 2CV on steroids I couldn't catch up to in the Citroen C3 heading north out of Brisbane in January!!

    You'll see them again I'm sure.


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