This just came through on one of the lists. It was a response to a guy in the US who had seen someone raving about just having picked up a CX GTi turbo 2.

This guy is from Norway by the looks of his addy and tosay he's a keen CX enthusiast would be an understatement. BTW, the US poster made the comment that he was thinking about a Cit but had never had any experience with them & were the CXs any good. By the looks of his signature he must have owned everything else but a Cit.
Thought I'd pass it on as it's a good enthusiastic response.

Alan S

"The CX is the last real CitroŽn they are now owned by Peugeot.
The road handling on a CX is (if it is in order) like magic.
If you want to go faster then the largest BMW - MB or whatever you can
overtake them in any speed dumps anywhere. It will float over it in 60
mph while all other cars will be destroyed in anything above 20/30 mph.

And they have personality. Loads of it. Do NOT think that you can
approach a CX without any special education or CX know how with a

Lexus - Rolls Royce - among more are copying concepts that are Citroen
inventions. But it is only copies. The CX floats on gas and hydraulic

You can put a 400 BHP engine in it whit out rebuilding anything. It will
handle perfectly. There has never been made any front wheel drive car
that handle power as well as the CX.


It is not possible to compare it with any other cars.
That would be like comparing a aeroplane with a motorbike or a Harley
with a Honda. It is a totally different concept and a different feeling.

Typically reactions:
The first time anyone is driving a CX for 10 minutes they say. "I will
never set my feet inside a car like that again ever!" And after 4 hours
they will say: "I will never drive any other car then this CX ever in my
It's true. It takes time to get used to but when you understand it is