Peugeot 306 Problem.
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    Peugeot 306 Problem.

    Hi there,

    Please help me with my Peugeot 306 Style (1998 Model - 94,000km) as I don't know where else to turn.

    I am having major problems with the car, and have done so over the last 8 months (same problem!). Peugeot Australia is not sure what the cause of the following problem may be & hence I don't know where else to turn. It has been to three Peugeot dealers but none of the can fix the problem.

    In summary, the problem is:

    - When driving the car, intermittently the car will accelerate by itelf. This is very profound particularly when driving the car in slow traffic below 2,000rpm. When backing off the throttle, the car jerks very badly compared to when running normally. When changing through the gears, the car does not slow down immediately, only after about 5 seconds does it start to slow down.

    - Intermittently the car will start idling very high (1,000 - 3,000rpm) by itself. It will then rev by itelf between these this rev range constantly up and down until the clutch is engaged however the engine revs return to this cycle when on idle again. Hot and cold weather have no effect as the problem ocurrs in either condition as well starting the car from cold or warm.

    - The car has had the MAP sensor replaced, throttle potentiometer replaced, spark plugs replaced and had the stepper motor cleaned four times.

    - The car does not have cruise control and is a 5-speed manual.

    Engine type is: 1.8 8 valve petrol (95 RON unleaded).
    Engine Family: LFZ
    Engine Codes: A4FD1

    Please help as I don't know what to do.



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    Chrystal ball diagnosis without going one on one with the owner on the history is always a challenge but here we go anyway

    For starters, when was the fuel filter last replaced?? Let's get the easy option out of the road for starters. They can cause all sorts of weird problems.
    Next, I think this will be applicable to yours (as I am a Citroen freak) but between the air cleaner & intake plenum, there are a few hoses leading in different directions & which have sensors of various types in them. Overseas, it is a common thing for these to get covered with a treacley gunck. Pull out & spray with WD 40 & wipe with a clean rag. Refit & test. Finally, & personally I think this is where the trouble lies, but I'd be inclined to work in the order I have outlined, remove the intake plenum (manifold) & replace the gasket. Buy yourself a tube of "the Right Stuff" from Repco & sparingly paint both sides of your new gasket. Whilst this is off (the plenum), carefully examine all attached hoses & fittings for cracks or loose fittings & seal off or replace any which are found. Refit using good workshop practices of tightening in sequence & gradually.
    Don't lose too much sleep about this one; mechanics are a bit like Doctors: there's more money in treating patients than curing them
    Keep us informed of how you get on. BTW whereabouts are you?

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Thanks for the advice Alan. I'll let you know how I go.

    I am from Sydney, NSW.

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    I'd put my money on false air entering somewhere around the air flow sensor. When revving the engine, so much air is moving that a small leak will make no difference in the bigger picture of things. However at an idle, if there is false air entering downstream of the air flow sensor you will get all sorts of wierd symtons. As Alan said check every hose/connection for hairline cracks that may only open when driving and the engine moves around.

    Just replacing parts at random will solve nothing other than lightening of the wallet.

    How old is the car?? If it's still under new car warranty go cause a hell of a racus and get it fixed before that warranty is up. Don't get pushed around. If they replace every fuel injection part under warrantly because there stupid, that's there problem.


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    Just for everyone's information, I took the car back to the Peugeot dealer that was performing the repair work & after many discussion, it was concluded that the Idle Stepper Motor was probably faulty & needed to be replaced.

    That was one week ago and "touch wood" the car has been running fine.

    Many thanks to all everyone who helped me out.


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