Passion with French Cars
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    Passion with French Cars

    I'd just like to know why you guys are passionate about French cars? What is it about French cars that stir the heart unlike Japanese or indeed any other cars? Is there any particular French car that stirs your soul?

    My favourite sedan of all is the Citroen DS. So beautiful and just so 'different'. It's amazing how they can produce such a gorgeous design for a mass market. To my mind, nobody has come close to emulating such a feat.

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    I wouldn't say I'm passionate about French cars in particular, but every Pug or Renault I've driven (have yet to drive a Citroen) has impressed me.
    My current 405 S I think is a great compromise between a semi-sporty sedan and a luxury car. It has great roadholding -particularly for a car with such comfortable ride. Steering is quick and accurate. I can't quite explain it, but it really communicates to you. You know exactly what the tyres are doing.
    It has great seats - they hold you during hard lateral acceleration and are very comfortable over short and long distances.
    Does not look ostentatious, but doesn't look boring. Subtle classiness.
    It's not perfect. I'd like more power and refinement from the engine, and I really wish I got one with a manual gearbox. The ZF4HP14, though smooth and seamless, is slow and inefficient.
    I'd love to upgrade to an Mi16 soon, but I'd have to do something about the bootlid spoiler -like sell it. I'm also considering an E36 BMW 318iS (hope I don't get a flaming for mentioning it on this forum.....) but one gets that yuppie image and its common and predictable. Seats aren't as comfortable or supportive either, but I love that 16v engine driving the rear wheels.
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