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Thread: Greetings

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    Hello all,
    Just a little intro. My name is Jeff, own a 89 405. I have finally found other puggers is oz. I have had the 405 for about 2 years now, and now planning on styling it a bit. I was going to start styling it about 2 years ago, but a ran into a couple of problems:
    1: the previous owners did not look after the car at all. The parts that had to be replaced were , all three engine mounts, starter motor, tx valve, battery, torque converter, alternator and other small bits and pieces. ( parts and labour costed more than what I bought the car for )
    2: trying to find styling and tunning shops in oz that can provide service and products.

    I relatives overseas to help me get bits for the pug, but once we worked out the total cost it was a tad to high. So I am looking at alternatives, maybe custom made exterior kits. Mags might be a bit of a problem. I am looking for major deep dish mags, found some, but only for cars with stud pattern 4*100.
    Question: Are there spaces that can convert the pug stud pattern to a 4*100?

    Well I think this intro has gone a bit too far. Better close up.
    Hopefully to talk to you all in the future.


    Regards Jeff

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    Hi Jeff, and welcome to the board.

    If you are looking to "tart" up your 405, you may wish to seek the advice of one "Andreas" who has a kick ass 405 with all the good bits you have outlined you want to put on your car.

    Have a look here for Andreas's super fine engine :

    James also has a nice 405 that has quite a few mods as well.

    I think both of these guys can give you a head start as to what can be done to a 405.

    As for the spacers, I think Peugeot Ecosse has spacers to correct offset with non genuine rims, do a search with Peugeot and Ecosse as the search words and you will find their web site.



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    Hi Jeff,

    as chipper's mentioned i have a few *minor* mods done to my 405.
    tell me what you want and i'll tell you what you can get locally.
    custom kits arent a problem, if you're willing to spend.
    Ecosse have a new kit for the 405 called the trackstar.
    there are pics in the modifications section.
    i reckon it's the best looking front of any of the 405 kits.
    while you're surfing around check out my site
    [/end shameless plug]
    and i'm sure if you want to know about anything and i dont know, James with the other wild 405 will be able to help.


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