Yummy looking car - dunno about the price tho
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    Yummy looking car - dunno about the price tho

    This one has been floating around the Trading Post for a couple of weeks. Looked it up-looks a million bucks but a bit iffy about the price. If you're keen enough I suppose it's alright; get the feeling he really doesn't want to sell it. Wouldn't be surprised if he rears his head on this board

    Peugeot 405Mi16. 1990, reluctant sale due to loss of licence, very unique car modified for show, too many extras to advertise, project car which couldn't be completed to where it was wanted, can also see car at www.maxpugs.com, first car on homepage showed at Adrenaline Metal car show, $24000 - Phone 0415 585059 or Email:tamacale@hotmail.com
    0415-585 059 Chatswood



    Published on 28/05/2001
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    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    he was asking $26,000 at first but has dropped..a bit.
    i emailed him again today to se if he's sold it yet becuase if he considers selling off some of the parts my hand is raised high in the air.
    i had a pic posted on my site but i've got something else there now.
    it was red, 18" wheels, bodykit but no real engine mods.
    he was planning to fit a supercharger but now is selling it.
    if anyone has the latest copy of Hot4s you can see a tiny pic of it in the Adrenaline metal show section.


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    $24,000 for a 1990 model Mi16 with big wheels and a bodykit! Tell him his dreamin'. I would have thought $12,000 would be a bit optimistic, let alone twice that.

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