new mazda 2,,,,alfa147?
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    new mazda 2,,,,alfa147?

    was driving behind the new mazda 2 today and i kept seeing the little it just me???
    above the glass hatch (from rear)it looks like the top part of the 307???hmmm....the only thing similar to the old one appears to be the way the hatch gate drops down to the b. bar...
    Why the hell does this just cannot help themselves???!!!!


    ...yes i like the least it looks half original....


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    Actually, there was some photos of a new Maserati AWD vehicle in CAR mag a month ago or so, and it looked JUST like an enlarged 206. I was going to scan it in and post it here but forgot. Will look for it after work. Incidently, the Italians aren't copying the French, it was infact a Daewoo design originally, but they couldn't build it and sold the design
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    To me those tail lights on the Mazda 2 are very reminiscent of the Alfa 147. The Japanese always seem to have a habit of taking styling cues from Euro cars.

    The Mazda 6 looks good, but I think the tail lights really spoil the look. I honestly don't see the appeal with these style of tail lights. They look like a ricey add on to me.


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    Blame the Lexus IS200 for that.

    What's worse is when you see such lights on things like 206s. Eeeek!

    I think the problem with the Japanese manufacturers is that they seem a bit identity desperate, it is true that they borrow styling cues from Euro manufacturers at times. At the same time, they do plenty of things well too.

    How many Japanese cars have something along the lines of, "European styling".

    How about this slogan, "Corolla by name, not by nature". Says a lot, eh?

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    Incidently, the Italians aren't copying the French, it was infact a Daewoo design originally, but they couldn't build it and sold the design
    Yeah, Italdesign also did the Daewoo Leganza which they tried to sell to Jaguar for the X-Type. The Jag cues are still in the sloping inside edge of the taillights and the curved rear side window.


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