Anyone else finding this with spam?
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    Anyone else finding this with spam?

    There's been a discussion on a Yahoo list re: spam.
    Several of us have just deleted the option to receive e-mail notifications as there's suspicions that Yahoo not only don't discourage spam but possibly encourage it.
    Mailwasher was mentioned & as I use it to spit back up to a couple of hundred crap messages a day I wondered what theresponse would be.
    This is it. Has anyone else using it found this & how about teh system they recommend; any commenys?

    "I used M/W for a while and I found it made things worse. The more
    > > you bounced back the more you got. That is why I changed to K9
    > > which is running at 98% accuracy. The spam gets trashed without
    > > having to look at it, and you don't have to set up lists.

    My big problem with MailWasher and the like is rather more
    fundamental - they bounce the spam back to where it claims to come
    from. However, Spam Lies.

    I am currently suffering what is known as a "JoeJob" - Delivery
    failures for spam are coming in to one of my domains, as "apparently"
    I sent it. Of course, I didn't. The domain in the "from" is mine, but
    the address is made up, and it originates in thousands of places -
    presumably a trojan of some kind. Some of these failures will be
    because the recipient address does not exist, but many will be
    MailWasher etc "bouncing" it.

    I am currently receiving (or rather, the outfit my mail goes through)
    TENS OF THOUSANDS of these failures. Literally, tens of thousands to
    hundreds of thousands.

    Per day. Yes, per DAY. Seriously.

    The peak has been around 1Gb of traffic in a day."

    Alan S cry

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    Alan S:
    I am currently receiving (or rather, the outfit my mail goes through) TENS OF THOUSANDS of these failures. Literally, tens of thousands to
    hundreds of thousands. Per day. Yes, per DAY. Seriously.
    More traffic then the Australian Idol Yahoo group ...

    Seriously SPAM is becoming the biggest problem the internet has faced .. until there is some kinda deterrent (and who knows what that should be?) it won't reduce.

    Who are these spammers, do they actually get customers (who would really put $10,000 into a bank account for a Nigerian prince ??) -
    I guess it was said ... "a fool and his money are soon parted" (combined with) "there is a sucker born every minute" = millions of opportunities.

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    Hi all,

    I used Mailwasher Pro and found it did a reasonable job. It's interface was a bit clumsy though, it could've been better layed out.

    It kept saying that the three email accounts we use at home didn't exist and that it couldn't check email as the computer wasn't connected to the internet, both untrue.

    Also the ability to export your black/white list file doesn't exist and if you have to reformat as I did over the weekend, you loose it if you don't remember to back it up.

    I've found the spam filter offered by my ISP (TPG) does the job well. I dumped all the email addresses I have in Outlook Express into the allow filter and now rarely get any spam. Yet it allows most (>95%) legitimate emails through that I haven't specified in the allow list.

    Most email spam messages resemble:

    re: Top Home Biz Pros want you... nwkubjyf gdhey
    From: "Elba Dow" <[email protected]>

    So I think the spam filter looks for trash in the subject line and the email address. As Alan suggests, I find a lot (>60%) of spam I get originates from the Yahoo domain as in the example above.


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