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    Problem scrolling topics

    This computer, which isn't mine, belonging to another member, has a serious problem with Aussiefrogs topics.

    Once a topic is opened the ability to scroll the pages is almost totally lost. It's painful, debilitating... and as you type the letters aren't visible. You have to stop and wait for it all to catch up to be able to see it!

    What could be causing this? It's slowed down the scrolling of topics on other fora too, but on this forum it is worse.

    The issue of not being able to read as you type is not present in other programs like Word.

    It's a disaster here... please help!


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    Are they using Internet Explorer?

    If so, smooth scrolling may be enabled?

    It delays the scrolling, I think to make it easier to read. I personally think its useless and annoying.

    I turn it off.

    Its an option under internet options, in advanced, called smooth scrolling

    Could this be the issue?

    I use netscape anyways

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