Handy tip from the UK.
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    Handy tip from the UK.

    Just been on a UK Bulletin Board where it was being discussed about getting under a Citroen with dodgy spheres; not an easy job when they are sitting on the deck!
    A guy called Bob Smith has come up with what I reckon is a great trick & if anyone out here has ever used it, they've never told me. Real common sense.
    Take your normal car ramps, tie a piece of webbing to one of the cross pieces & make sure the car drives onto the webbing with both wheels as it comes on to the ramps. The weight & turning action of the cars wheels then tends to pull the ramps UNDER the wheel rather than chasing them all round the garage floor hoping they will hit an obstruction & stop. I can't speak for the rest of you, but I can't believe I haven't run over my missus at least 100 times over the years as she has stood there bravely trying to jam a hoof agaist the ramp as I have been bouncing 120 hp & over a ton of metal back & forth trying to get some height to work under.
    I would reckon an old seat belt cut in half would supply the webbing.
    Alan S

    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Hi Alan,

    I usualy slide the trolley jack under the tow bar, lift it up enough to get a jack under the jacking points along the side of the car (or a log of wood under them).

    Let the trolley jack down, roll it under the front of the car where the chassis rails the hold the engine/suspension are and jack it up from there. It takes about 5minutes once your praticed enough.... If you don't have a towbar your usualy SOL.

    Though sometime (just) with no towbar if you lift the head off the trolley jack so there is no 'swivel' it will make the jack about 3cm's lower. You may be able to get that under the front of the CX onto the angled strong beems running out to the front of the car. Jacking from here risks the car shooting backwards off the jack.


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    I am reviving an ancient but short thread here.

    I needed to work on the D and the CX today and Mrs UFO is away caring for her ill father. So I had no garage assistant aka stop the ramps slipping and our garage floor is smoooooth concrete so the ramps don't like to grip. HOWEVER, I did have some old seat belts.

    A few minutes carefully unpicking the stitching on the ends so they would come cleanly out of the adjusters and I had two long sections of belts with the body attachment eye still on them.

    I then drilled a hole in the top crosspiece of each ramp and used old seat belt bolts to attach the eyes to the ramps.

    I lined the D up with the ramps, laid the end of the belts out across the top of the ramps and the extra on the floor in front and carefully eased the car up the ramps with no movement of the ramp at all. EASY!

    When removing the D later the added bonus was that the ramp could not shoot out forward of the car as I reversed down. Great!

    So, if you have the slipping ramp problem, grab some old seat belts or webbing and attach it to your ramps.

    Thanks Al for pointing us in the direction of this one all those years ago.
    Craig K
    2009 C5 HDi Exclusive

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    I don't have any car ramps. Whenever I have had to, say, replace a main accumulator (easier got to from below), I drive one side of the car up onto the top of the kerb. Being trim, taut and terrific, I can slip under the car.

    To remove rear spheres, I position the car on part of the driveway that drops away, with the car facing uphill and the rear wheels on the top of the "hill" and the driveway dropping away from that point.

    I also have a supply of the largest size disposable nappies. Excellent for absorbing LHM, with plastic on the other side to stop it leaking through. Also handy under 2CV rocker covers or 2CV oil filters before removal.


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    When I saw Alan S's name as the poster I was like heh? It is getting a bit late I suppose but anyway we do miss him around these parts and if you ever met him he was just as you would imagine. He was so enthusiastic about showing me his converted car ramps, to say he swore by them would be understated. I have no doubt they work so good on you Craig for giving it a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy N View Post
    It is getting a bit late I suppose but anyway we do miss him around these parts and if you ever met him he was just as you would imagine.
    Was thinking exactly the same thing.
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