Renault Megane: five new models in 12 months
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    Renault Megane: five new models in 12 months

    An article I got from thought yours might be interested too..


    Renault Megane: five new models in 12 months
    Renault hopes the new Megane, due for launch in December, will add significantly to its sales volumes which dipped for the first time in 2003 after strong growth in the previous two years. Renault, which returned to the Australian market in 2000 with a $20million warchest, has suffered sales slump in excess of 30 percent so far this year, and is falling way short of earlier predictions of 500 per month.

    The new Megane will kick off in December in three and five-door hatch bodystyles. The five-door will be available with either a 1.6-litre or 2.0-litre four cylinder engine, and in three specification levels with prices ranging from $25,990 to $34,990. All models come standard with a five speed manual transmission, and include four wheel disc brakes with ABS, six airbags, remote central locking, electric windows and mirrors, cruise control, climate control air conditioning and an engine immobiliser. A four speed automatic transmission is a $2200 option.

    Renault will only offer one non-metallic colour, meaning the extra $650 cost of metallic paint should be considered standard.

    The three-door Megane, called the Sport hatch, will come in one specification level and only with the 2.0-litre engine. A six speed manual transmission is standard, as is all the features listed above. The $33,990 asking price adds 17in alloy wheels, full leather interior including leather steering wheel and gearknob, and chrome interior highlights.

    Renault will add a four door sedan to the range in 2004, along with a replacement for the popular Scenic mini-people mover -- in both five-seat short wheelbase and seven seat longwheelbase versions. Interestingly there's no replacement in sight for the all-wheel drive Scenic RX4 model, which accounts for roughly one quarter of Scenic sales in Australia.

    A high performance Megane RS will also join the lineup in 2004, and price at this stage is unconfirmed, though CarPoint speculates it will land in the low $50,000s. For the price expect a high performance, front drive, three door hatch with plenty of kit and a turbocharged four cylinder engine. The 168kW hypersports hatch was previewed at Frankfurt last month, and looks set to shape up against the Alfa Romeo 147GTA and next generation 184kW Audi S3.
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    sounding good all the time isnt it....

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    I read somewhere that the sedan will be rather conservative looking - appealing to older people etc who find the hatch a bit too radical...
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    I think they will fail in the Australian market.

    I was keen to check them out, as I really like the look of them.......but I came back quite disappointed. My Dad too had the same feeling.

    The main gripe is interior accomodation. I thought with their funky looks, they would be well packaged inside.

    Rear legroom is shocking.....not only that, footroom is non existant. You'd hope they are nice to drive because they sure aren't nice to sit in.

    The 307 kills it in terms of packaging.

    Add to this the reputation of Renault dealers in Sydney, and I'm not sure I want to take the next step and test drive one.

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    The 168kW hypersports hatch was previewed at Frankfurt last month, and looks set to shape up against the Alfa Romeo 147GTA and next generation 184kW Audi S3.
    It'd have to be mighty good, if you've been in an S3 you'd know what I mean, but with a significant price advantage it may be all it needs to help tip the scales their (Renault's) way.

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    FWIW, from the outside I think it looks good in small sedan guise.

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