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Thread: Speeding Fines

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    Speeding Fines

    What are the speeding fines in Australia. I heard Australians no longer speed, but I just met a guy from Bourke Australia who says he puts his foot down and cruises 180-200kph whenever he wants.


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    Depends what state you are in James. I can happily say I have not had a speeding fine for 10+ years now.

    The northern territory on the Stuart Highway has no speed limit (the speed sign is a black circle with a line going through the middle indicating travel at a safe speed) and I read a story from a Oz car mag that had a 911 Turbo over 300klmh !!!

    This guy from Bourke obviously uses deserted highways I would say, as this would not be the norm in more populated areas.


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    Hi there,

    what we have here is no shortage of camera's stuck on the front of various different cars (so you can't pick them) parked at the bottoms of hills and behind trees attempting to take you photo for doing 53-55km/h in a 50km/h zone. The government attempts to tell us it save lives on the roads....... What a load of shit, it doesn't slow you down in the slightest... 6weeks later you get a 'fine' in the mail. ie: you don't know you've been done for speeding for 6weeks!! Slowed you down a lot didn't it. I call it 'revenue raising'. Funny thing is we seem to get more cammera's every bloody week almost. They even fit them to 'old' cars now to try and hide them.


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