Online chat for aussiefrogs!
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    Online chat for aussiefrogs!

    Hey everyone!

    I saw tonight that there were 13 members browsing the boards. And i thought, why not have a online chat thingy for people who want to chat to fellow aussiefrog'ers while they are online? So I registered a channel on IRC for us to use

    Any suggestions or comments are welcome!

    Now I'll give some instructions now on how to get on it!

    1. Get the install file from here

    2. Run it and then open up mIRC32.exe

    3. Once that is loaded, there is a box saying "About mIRC". Untick the box in the left hand corner, and then click on the 'x' on the top right hand corner. You won't see that again

    4. After that another box will pop up. This will have the title of "mIRC Options". Leave the server as Random US Dalnet server, and then fill in the details. (note: make the details fake, i do for security reasons. There is no need for those details). Choose a nickname you like and then click "ok".

    5. After that you have to click on the first icon to the left up the top. It looks like a lightning bolt. This will connect you to the server.

    6. Once you have connected, a box with "mIRC Channels Folder" will pop up. Type in "#aussiefrogs" and then click "Add" to the left. And then click "OK"

    7. Now, you have to register your nickname. If someone else has taken it, you will receive a message in the concole saying something like "This nickname is owned by someone else". If you see that, you have to change it by typing "/nick <new nickname>" where the <new nickname> is the new nickname you wish to have.

    8. Once you have found one that isn't owned by anyone else, type "/nickserv register <password> <email address>" where the <password> is the password you wish to have and the <email address> is you e-mail address.

    9. You will then receive a message saying you need to confirm your registration of your nickname. You will receive an e-mail in 5-10 minutes from them.

    10. Once you receive it, there is a part down the bottom that reads "You have two choices on how to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION:" Get to that bit and choose your preferred method.


    11. Now your nickname will be registered, and then you click on the third icon from the left which looks like a folder with a # and * on it and then click on the #aussiefrogs in the list and then click "Join"... and you are in!!

    If you need any help just reply to this post asking questions
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    Why DALNET? why not Oz.Org. Its local, and bloody fast. specially for people connecting in OZ <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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