Seems it's safer to go for a drive then to go to work (that's not what the road traffic safety people want you to think). Speed(idiot) cameras to be installed at a work place near you.

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*Work deaths higher than road toll*

More Australians died due to their work than were killed on the roads in 2001-2002.

That is according to the latest annual report from the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission tabled in Federal Parliament.

The commission's chairman Jerry Ellis says it is appalling for a country of Australia's prosperity to suffer the consequences of work-related deaths and injuries to hundreds of thousands of people every year.

In 2001-2002, the commission estimates 2,200 Australians died as a result of their work.

That is 450 more than the number of people killed on the roads in that time.


While the rate of injuries on the job is declining, the report says it has not been enough to close the gap on the best performing countries.

It says the cost of work-related injury and disease is estimated to be more than $31 billion.