Citroen take the lead.
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    Citroen take the lead.

    Carlos Sainz has now hit the front in the WRC and Citroen are leading in the manufacturers.
    I personally reckon Solberg is the one who could upset the party and it appears that Loeb's little scenic trip into the scrub may have been an expensive one as he is now trailing 4th, but all it takes is one good run from him & a bit of bad luck from the others for him to pip them all on the line. cry cry
    Should make for a couple of interesting final rounds. eek! wink

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    Alan S cheers!
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    Well Solberg won in the end over Sainz. The good news though is that Sainz now leads the championship and Citroen have extended their lead in the manufacturers points. Only 6 points separate the top 4 drivers. As you say Alan it's going to make for a couple of interesting final rounds.

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