A lot of you guys are high performance drivers so this is a good place to ask this.


I do a lot of mountain biking on narrow, windy roads. Quite often guys are out on these roads testing their cars. Is there any way I can read the drivers intentions? When a guy comes around a corner at 45-50mph and I'm on my mountain bike I really don't know what to do, especially when theres no shoulder. The posted limit on the corners is like 15-25 but it's strange I feel more comfortable sharing the road with them than I do with someone doing 15-25, crazy I know. Only problem is you have to think faster and decide what the driver wants you to do in a split second.

Today I tried to get out of a guys way but he turned the same direction I did as he was trying to avoid me, he missed me by a foot.

Some people in the cycling club say that when that happens they just keep riding and don't change direction until the last minute when they know for sure what the driver is going to do, I find that a little iffy, others say they just guess which way they should move.

When you guys are behind the wheel what do you prefer cyclists to do when you encounter us on a narrow stretch with no shoulder?

Also if you're able to make eye contact with the cyclist does that make any difference? So what I'm asking is if you guys give signals that I'm just not picking up on.