Know any Gold Coast tyre kickers??
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    Know any Gold Coast tyre kickers??

    Hi all,


    My sons girlfriend has a F*&d Capri she wants to drop. It's a turbo model and had a full motor rebuild less than 12 months ago.
    Seems to go alright for what it is but she is wanting to drop it as she has got a job that requires her to have a 4 door vehicle (something along the lines of a froggy)
    They have tried selling it up this way without too much success mainly due to the distance and I feel that given its "hairdresser" styling it may just sell better possibly down the Gold Coast.
    Does anybody have any contacts down there in the tyre kicking profession? Preferrably someone who knows the business & could give an honest appraisal without going through the "naw!! carn't give them away these daze mayte....I suppose I coulda gotcha a few bux last week but they wenten bort a Merc instead for 3 grand...." as this tends to make me want to act like Norman Bates in the shower scene in Psycho mallet mallet
    Any help most appreciated.
    We have an eye on a Froggy down that way but can't move until this is gone.

    Alan S
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Give my brother a ring... Bob Bell on 5534 2100... he has a workshop in Currumbin and does work for a dealer or two.

    Likes Fords too... strange chap to have for a brother.

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