Anyone heard of this lot??
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    Anyone heard of this lot??

    Just came across this oil company who claim to make a top grade range of oils & lubes. I was a bit interested to see if they made an LHM substitute until they started talking about how expensive their oils were but how much money you saved by using them; you know the stuff "save 15% on your fuel bill" and 100,000 klms oil changes are possible and so on.
    They seem to avoid quoting prices as much as possible but continuosly warn about how exxy the stuff is, but their product range did seem very interesting and I wondered if they made an LHM substitute? I noticed in their list they speak of silicone brake fluid which I presume is the stuff the yanks use in their Cits and have a gearbox oil rated 50 for engines or 90 for gearbox application.
    I would be interested in comments and any info particularly as it applies to the LHM situation.

    Alan S

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    PM Lubricants are a bunch of schonks... I know of people they've dudded. They also bought out Respect Oils so they would have a retail outlet...

    You want good oil, call up Cadillac Oils at Plainlands in Qld, it's the stuff Respect used to be, the price is more than just competitive and there's a stack of testimonials about the stuff, including mine.

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