Cambelt- 1.7 Diesel
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    Cambelt- 1.7 Diesel

    I read (Parkers Car Check - a UK thing?) that cambelt failure in the XU series engine is always terminal. Presumably this applies to the XUD?
    Anyone had cambelt failure & survived?


    Are there any easy checks without taking the head off?

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    Hey Jono,

    I have heard that the twin cam 1.9 will lunch its valves if it does in a timing belt, but the 1.9 single cam has enough clearance not to do the same.
    I am not to sure about the diesel though.

    Was it just the belt you wanted to check or the innards of said engine?

    I would say the best bet is to just replace the belt if it looks suspect, as I failed to do so in my old Fiat 124 CC a few years back.I dropped a gear, floored the pedal, and felt it straight away. One of the pistons clobbered a valve with just enough force to throw the timing out, but not lunch the engine.

    Very gingerly drove back to Brisbane (when at the lights it looked like I had some huge cams in the car as it was a rockin)but all was ok.

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    All XUD engines have a timing belt replacement of 4 yrs or 80,000 which ever occurs first the compression on the XUD is around 22:1 so the valves and pistons will clash
    i have come across this many times if you are lucky the pistons will be fine but you will need to change some valves
    it is best to get it done if you can afford it
    belts are around $80 and labor is approx 4 hrs

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