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    I received this email today, 21st Jan.
    Andrew has created a website & perhaps we can help with our experiences with our French aussie version marques.
    Personally I think it's a great idea!

    I have just started a new website called (

    The aim of the site is for people who are thinking about purchasing a car, be it second-hand or brand-new, to be able to visit and read reviews of that car. The idea is that the reviews are written by actual, genuine owners of those cars, meaning the authors of reviews on the site are people that really know what it's like to own and drive the car they are reviewing.


    People who submit reviews to the site are free to write anything they wish about their cars. This way, people planning on purchasing a particular car can get an idea of what the car is really like - without the sales-talk of sales staff or jargon of journalists' reviews.

    A better idea of the site's aims can be achieved by visiting it and having a look around.

    As the site is brand-new (literally just uploaded a matter of hours ago) it is lacking in its most vital component - drivers' reviews.

    I wonder if you might consider accommodating a link to my site. I think your site would be appropriate for this as it is most likely to be visited by people who have an interest and are even passionate about their car - the kind of person who might be most likely to write a review for my site.

    In return for placing a link to on your site, I would be more than happy to return the favour with a link/banner to you from my site. I could place a link or banner on the relevant car-makes page, thus targetting visitors who are specifically interested in your manufacturer. Or I could give your link a more general 'run of site' on other pages too.

    If you would agree to this exchange, the URL I would like advertised is

    I have also attached two simple animated banner ads - one full-sized and one 'button-sized.' I appreciate that many website operators might not wish to place a graphic ad such as these on their site, so please feel free to discard them. However, if you would accept placing either banner on your site, I would be grateful of having it linked to the same URL: I would be more than happy to place a banner on my site in return.

    If the placing of the banner-ads is asking too much, I would be perfectly happy with a simple link - and I would still place a banner on my site linking to yours if you so wished.

    I would also be pleased of any other suggestions you might have, being closely linked with car-owners, of building up reviews on my site.

    If you are not willing to accommodate such an exchange of link then please accept my apologies for this unsolicited email. If, however, you are willing to consider, then I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Yours sincerely

    Andrew Brittain

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