PEUG 404- was that popular in Australia??
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    PEUG 404- was that popular in Australia??

    Hi Fellas, Joe Wagner in USA-- came across your web site and saw a few postings-- while I do have older 404 cars in USA-- Peugeot left the USA shores officially in 1991, and did not carry much for the 404 in USA to begin with,, My cars are , say Clunkers, therefore I was able to afford them cheap and to have a good hobby time with em, and when I mentioned this to a number of people in other parts of the world about cheap 404 cars, few people could believe that Peug was not respected here in USA at all...
    We did get the 504, 505, 604 for 4 or 5 years, even the 304 back in 1971-72, but the 405 was a disaster in the USA, selling a paltry 5,000 405's in 1990..... anyhow getting back to my 404 hobby, these cars used Natural Rubber in the Braking systems, and USA fluids ruined them,, therefore every 404 I ever got Needed Brakes!!!! Was wondering if any sources for the older 404 cars exist, "cheaply" -- if that can be said, cause ain't Nothin here in USA except restorers that want $100 per wheel cylinder to make new!!!! That is just too much, and therefore my cars will sit for another few more years untill I find a cheaper source-- or get Rich!!!!
    Funny thing too-- I took a Liking to the USA made Renaults of the 1980"s, the R-9 and R-11, quirky, but generally reliable, and parts for these are just about impossible anymore-- although things like brakes, cylinders for the rear are quite reasonable- $20 for a W/cylinder aint bad..... had fuel injection from 1983-87 so easier to work on.... French cars just never made it here in USA, nor did Italian, but there are a few of us left who took up the flame.....
    Thanks ---Joe Wagner in USA

    Joseph Wagner
    1051 Schiff ave
    Cincinnati OHIO 45205 USA

    Joseph Wagner
    1051 Schiff ave
    Cincinnati OHIO 45205 USA

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    g'day Joe,
    The Pug 404 is fairly rare here also in Australia but there is always at least one at a club event.
    They are of interest to me as well, so damn comfortable & practical - & the classic style
    For parts you could try Iberparts for the brake repairs
    They seem to have everything, even for my Renault 4.


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    My grandfather importer all of New Zealand's 404's, and there weren't many to say the least, I have seen maybe one or two ever. And only a few of them were Mech FI.

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    Joe, Brake rubbers are available in Melbourne at present, contact me with your requirements and I can check for you.Of course you may have to get your cylinders resleeved if badly corroded. One thing that is not available is disc rotors, although I have found a business willing to remanufacture for a minimum of 200 discs, price A$60. Any takers?

    Graham Wallis

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