Holden to build an old school French Car.
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    Holden to build an old school French Car.

    I've taken quite an interest in Holden's new Adventra (shocking name though!). Their AWD sounds pretty good (nice and simple, yet very usable). Anyway, it sounds like they might have a bit of a new 504 wagon on their hands. Naturally being a commodore it uses "outdated semi-trailing arms" at the rear, but the general overview of its ride/handling and dirt road capabilities certainly set it ahead of other 'soft roaders'.

    Wheels reports "Just-right damping endows it with a deliciously lush yet perfectly disciplined feel that's unlike any Commodore."

    They go on to mention "Renault rally legend Bob Watson, a one-time Holden engineer, was lured back to lead the Adventra dynamics-tuning team. He reckons his penchant for French cars is transparent in the way Adventra drives, and he's right. The Holden's dirt-road handling is excellent, too. Adventra's relative softness in pitch and roll makes it beautifully responsive to brake and throttle on the dirt. It's not only possible to maintain high average speeds on gravel in this thing, but easy."



    The car they tested was a 5.7L which should provide adequate torque for climbing mountains.

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    Can it be possible, a Holdon thats a nice drive??! Better late than never I suppose....
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    Can it be possible, a Holdon thats a nice drive??! Better late than never I suppose....
    Knowing Holden, they'll set up their suspension in some convoluted way that'll put some vital component under a measure of stress, but no so much that it will fail within the warranty period.

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    Valiant were good at making things fail after warranty. My father worked for a Valiant dealer for a while, and the new Valiants were covered in a kind of wax when they arrived, and a powder was mixed into kerosene and used to get it off. There was something in the wax on certain parts of the body which reacted with the powder, and caused the corners of the doors to rust out approx 13 months later, when the car would come back for (expensive) work and many of the owners would trade up tho a new one.
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