FUEGO: Air Con: Adapters for new refrigerant.
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    FUEGO: Air Con: Adapters for new refrigerant.

    Hi, all!
    I've got a place where I can get aircon re-gas really cheap but they don't do the older R-12, so I'm putting off doing it until I get adapters and give the old system a try at the new refrigerant. I've done the research and am willing to see just how well the original compressor and hoses will do. I've scored a new (brass?) adapter from Motor Traders.


    My questions are:
    1. Can I get the plug (to cap off this adapter when fitted) from a gas place i.e. is the new (134?) system the same stuff as the bits at Barbeques Galore and GasWorks or MUST I go to an auto aircon place to get one?

    2. On the R12 system, is there only one such connection point, as opposed to the newer system with points at both high and low sides?

    3. Can I buy R134 gas in aerosol cans to do the job myself?

    Any experience with retro re-gas will be most appreciated!

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    Be careful as you're heading for a disaster.
    The only gas that will "go over" R-12 is M52 otherwise you'll have big problems due to non compatibility with hoses etc. basically on par with running oil through rubber hoses.
    I'm no expert on these swap overs as it was a bit after I'd left the trade but I do know that 134a will not mix with things associated with 12 but 52 will.

    BTW, if the cap off is what I think it is, it's a Schraeder valve (same as used on car tyres) so once filled, the charging line is removed & the existing blank off plate is refitted.

    The R-12 systems all had suction & discharge service valves; schraeder type so they are no different.

    R-134a I have seen in aerosol type cans at Autobarn but it requires a set of gauges (compound & head pressure) as well as lines with schraeder ends as well as a special adapter for the can-o-gas all of which cost mega bucks for only one job.
    If you have someone who will recharge it cheaply, why go to this expense & drama??

    Alan S

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    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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    Seems in Melbourne there is no problem to get fuego's regassed
    with the usual seal replacement and leak stain detector added.
    Cost is about $124 to $130 retail and about $70 plus trade (if you
    can get it).

    Most problems stem from systems that have been low/empty of
    gas etc and need evacuating prior to refill, and then new lubricant
    and gas, and hopefully the system will recover.

    has anyone, used the low melt aluminium rods (they weld up drink
    cans at trade shows etc to show how versatile they are) to repair
    corroded or broken cooling pipes? as I would like to repair a couple.


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    Thanks, guys.

    The reason I'm heading in the direction of adapters and refrigerant substitution is to do away with a dependence on R12. However, if you're saying that it's still better to stick with R12 at $130 a go then I'll take your word for it. I'll steer my research in the direction of the M52 and see how the dollars stack up.

    renault_ whip

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