Stopped smoking last night.
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    Stopped smoking last night.

    ANyone else do the same?
    I've been hanging round my best buddies Peter Jackson and Vic Bitter for a while now. I thought they were friends, but it turns out they were stabbing me in the back.
    The patches REALLY hurt. Never mind. That's $430 extra to spend on the car every month!

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    Hangin there mate, the first few weeks are the worst. And the hardest part is retraining your hands not to continually go to your face. I know i did it cold turkey, before patches were invented & 17yrs later in times of heavy stress i still feel the need for a smoke, thankfully not strong enough to give in & have one.
    Good luck hope your successful.
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    Here we go; this should bring all the reformed smokers out of the woodwork....well here's the second one in two postings I gave up after many years around 3 years ago. I was a real heavy puffer having worked in high stress jobs most of my life (including tyre kicking like your good self only in my case at management level) and come from a generation where smoking was almost mandatory.
    I didn't use patches nor would you say I went "cold turkey" I just used a combination of forced economics and pig headedness. I decided I wanted a car that was different & something I'd lusted after for a long time; a low klms BX 16V. I spotted one and looked at the price; how could I afford it?? Easy, stop blowing money up in smoke & it was shit easy.. I was smoking a pipe & used to smoke around 3 to 5 packs of 'baccy a week @ $18 a pack. Did the economics; on average $300 per month for what?? Sore throat, bad breath, shitty taste in the mouth, holes burnt in everything I own, can't stay & enjoy a conversation because I have to go outside for a puff every now & then and a second class mode of transport; do I really need this?? I don't think so!! I smoked out the last packet of baccy and when asked if I wanted another by the chancellor of the exchequer, I replied "no she's right...and leave it at that." I kept the old pipe in the desk drawer and if I needed to control the habit of having something in my gob I'd drag it out & like a baby with a dummy, stick it in & suck on it. It progressively tasted worse until I couldn't cop it. It's still there to this day. # months later, when the bank had built up, I found a 16V in Sydney & flew down & drove it home. Stayed at in-laws who to this day haven't commented on the fact that I don't smoke anymore. I think it's important that you don't tell all & sundry that you have stopped; just do it & tell no one. If they comment, so be it, otherwise you just put pressure on yourself by some well meaning (or mischievious bugger) constantly asking how you're coping.
    When I got the occasional urge to smoke, I went to the tobacconist & bought a "Wee Willy" which is a cigar the size of a cigarette & lit up. These look, taste & smell like a dog turd and cost about 80 cents a pop. I used to sit & look at it as it burnt away & think 'What a bloody rip off...why do people waste money on these things.." These days, I have it so well under control that if I am in the company of a smoker, I stand up wind but if I cop the smoke I'm more offended than wanting to join them and the part that amazes those who would like to give up but lack the willpower is that they can offer me a smoke, I can take it, smoke it and when they offer me another, just knock it back with no urge whatsoever to start again & absolutely no effect. On the odd occasion I've been tempted, I just pull the car out & give it a wash & polish, then fill the tank & go for a drive & remeber that if I still smoked, I wouldn't have that luxury.
    Good luck mate; hang in, you'll make it but don't advertise it too much.

    Alan S
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    Alan!? thats the best thread ive read on the net in a long time.
    Im gonna show it to my pearents and my mates who puff-off.
    Thans from me and them.
    ... ptui!

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