Mi16 splutters
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Thread: Mi16 splutters

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    Mi16 splutters

    Im not sure how common this problem is but it seems to plague me. Symptoms are; Idle all over the place; car misses and hesitates a litle when backing of and below around 3500rpmbelow; symmptoms much worse when the car is hot; occasionally (twice)car stalls and is a PIG to restart, but then it starts easily. i have replaced the throttle potentiometer recently which fixed the idle when cold; I clean the idle air thingy and use lanox on the slide, which fixes the idle for a while. Any ideas?? it seems almost like a vapor lock problem but i dont know if there is such a thing with fuel injection. Any advice appreciated Greg S


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    I moved this one from "Common Faults" as that is a closed forum & it was impossible for anyone to answer.
    You may have a problem with your air flow meter but before you start worrying too much about that, I'd suggest you get the injector nozzles out & get them cleaned. Also I'd suggest that you look at getting a new set of "O" rings fitted to them, the holes they fit in cleaned out, a coat of silicone grease over them & refitted.
    We all seem to forget that these Mi16/BX16V models are mostly 10 - 15 years old now & these "O" rings are rubber, get hard, leak & split and are very cheap. There are 9 of them (2 to each nozzle plus one at the fuel pressure regulator) and they cost about 50 cents each.
    I have a bit of a phobia about replacing these and for good reason. I've got 2 cars sitting in my yard that have both been Insurance write offs after underbonnet fires caused through their failure and now for the BAD NEWS These cars had the same symptoms as yours before they blew, eek! eek! so don't waste anytime getting it fixed.

    Alan S 2_cents
    If it ain't broke, use a 12" shifter.....that usually does the trick!!

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