Been away for the weekend and I found a great review of the Peugeot 206GTi 180, the Renault Clio Sport and the Mini Cooper S "Works".

It was in the BBC car mag (can't rember it's name..I left it in my car) the artical goes for about 8 pages, I will scan it in for you all tomorrow, I am surpirised nobody has mentioned it.

Basically the Peugeot and the CooperS Works came out ontop with equal scores (even though the cooperS is about $10K -aus more expensive) but the review said the peugeot was a lot more "fun" and handled the best out of the 3.

It has some great shots and a really great comparison between the three on a kind of score sheet.

The review was judging the cars on looks, performance, handling and extras.

The 206 won hands down in the looks department and was even with the cooperS Works in performance and beat the cooperS in handling. The renault was the underdog in the review I am afraid...

Anyway, stay tuned for the scanned pages wink


P.S. Sorry I didn't make it to the outing on Friday night...I had an emergancy and had to travel 6 hours north up the coast on Friday night