Tailgate cam, The nxt Big Thing?
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    Tailgate cam, The nxt Big Thing?

    In the guise of a road safety anti collision campaign the Jim Murcott Driving centre are touting for business by proposing To the Victorian Government the use of "tailgate camera`s" and urging police to reduce emphasis on speed cameras (yea sure thing ) as well as proposing offering tailgating offenders the choice of a fine whip or training

    Tailgate cameras should replace speed cameras
    Police are being urged to reduce the focus on speed and target tailgating drivers in a proposal before the Victorian government. The proposal, which applies equally to all Australian states and territories, asks police to use existing cameras to monitor distances between cars, with offenders being offered the choice of a fine or attendance of a suitable driver training program.
    Jim Murcott Driving Centre says this "will help remove the cynicism about revenue collection that is associated with speed cameras."
    "Speed is just a part of the problem," says Murcott spokesman Geoff Thomas. "Driving at the speed limit does not guarantee crash-free driving. Most crashes occur at or below designated speed limits because drivers have poor skills in estimating speed, distance and vehicle braking."
    "For decades Jim Murcott Driver Training has taught these skills based on the slogan 'Look up - stay back' which we believe has helped thousands of drivers stay crash free."
    For more information about Jim Murcott Driver Training, go to........( Deleted )

    A real Win win for government while doing somthing about road safety, getting another revenue stream and providing students for driver training schools. offer offenders a choice indeed ! How often has government actually used funds from fines for training to prevent future offences ? however well intentioned and making some good points this release looks very much like an advertisment for business to me. nice try Mr Thomas. and who do you propose is to conduct the training ? and those choose the fine actually pay for the training of those who elect training ? I suggest that the participants would pay for the training in lieu of a fine and those who opted for the fine would just help fill the government`s coffers. it seems gulible still needs to be in the dictionary.

    In my opinion speed cameras would not need to be converted for this . of course some components could be used thus removing a revenue camera from the road .
    What could be done, by way of making a tailgate cam is, mounting a rear facing video camera 1-1.5 metres forward of the back window with calibration marks on the rear window , most cars headlights are about 1.6 metres apart ,early landrovers excepted, so when the headlights move out beyond the calibration marks the car behind is too close, put a calibrated speed display on screen as well then you could demonstrate a prolonged offence


    Lack of demonstration of a prolonged offence is one of the problems associated with fixed revenue cameras sometimes resulting in the capture of a brief inadvertent and expensive moment in the life of a normally law abiding safe motorist being seen in isolation

    Let us try to educate, not catch people out , perhaps insurance companies , motoring bodies RAC, NRMA or vic roads, MAIB etc could sponser this aproach
    Use a speed and distance sensing and a calculating device on the rear of specially equiped vans, so that when a vehicle is detected in the unsafe area, Lights flash and a scrolling sign, illuminates with a warning "For this speed, You are following too closely. Please drop back untill the flashing stops ." your traffic fines at work". " in wet conditions double the distance "" have a safe journey" or shorter wording conveying the same messages. Automatic, Instant, Practical, Timely advice with demonstration dance
    Even at level two " If the lights flash for more than 30 seconds it triggers the siren !"("get your wallet ready !") mallet
    Now wouldn`t that be a lot better than reading your mail to find "10 days ago you were detected by a well hidden revenue camera doing ## over the limit please send $$$$ or else, oh yes, we are deducting # points from your licence too."

    safe motoring and Happy christmas to all.
    "The defendant is no gentleman, but that is neither here nor there. We find for the defendant, much as we dislike him." A.P. Herbert

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    <span>Good point bout <span class=ResizableText0>"education",</span> here being
    one that i would back. However, the <span class=ResizableText0>tailgating</span> cameras?? wont work in sydney, i don't beleive so, <span class=ResizableText0>tailgating/brake</span> checks/ <span class=ResizableText0>undertaking</span> and most other driving offences that only happen in traffic, are an <span class=ResizableText0>institution,</span> so much to the point that even cops just accept 'em as "driving in traffic." In town/CBD they are always cought doing such offences, many goverment employees too. Trucks, do it to slip-stream on the open stuff. TAXIS's,..... well they're another thread all together. Goverment cars/proffesional cars/hire cars, all too common.
    I could see this work on highways though, either way anything to aim at a reuced toll, less <span class=ResizableText0>tax/insurance</span> has gotta benefit all. Good for you for voicing
    this so well and thought out. Cheers xqisid</span>

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    ... ptui!

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