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Thread: Ethanol

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    (ABC News)
    Canegrowers tout benefits of ethanol in fuel

    The Canegrowers organisation says Australia should stop debating the merits of ethanol use in fuel and just look at its successful use overseas.

    The Federal Opposition says there is growing evidence that ethanol corrodes engines and reduces performance, but the Prime Minister says the scientific evidence is still inconclusive.

    Canegrowers chairman Jim Pedersen says while he supports a 10 per cent cap on ethanol levels, there does not seem to be any problem with its use elsewhere.

    "Brazil's leading the world in this sort of thing, there are cars running on 100 per cent ethanol over there," he said.

    "Talking about various engines breaking down from it, I know some of the milling companies in Brazil are actually using it, single engine planes doing crop dusting are using ethanol in their engines.


    "So it's a fairly well-known product. I think let's learn from somebody else rather than go all through the debate of this is not good and that's not good."

    ummm, I think someone might have to make the distinction to this guy that cars running on 100% ethanol are tuned just a little differently to your average car!
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    Ah, but you are relying on politicians recognising the difference between sales pitch and reality.

    Never let the facts stand in the way of an argument or a pollie trying to look good! mallet
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    Aww...he could be right.

    How many Indycar drivers come from Brazil?

    And they all run 100% on it don't they? roll_lau roll_lau roll_lau mallet

    Alan S cheers!
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