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Thread: Ford vs Holden

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    Ford vs Holden

    Well, the time has come to ask froggers the eternal Aussie question: if the world was not endowed with frog cars (a dark and dull world indeed )and one had to choose between a "Barely-holden-together" or a "Fordn'apart", what would be the choice??

    Personally, i could never see myself in a "crummidore", the last thing i'd be is a Holden P**F.

    My opinion is that the duel is decided by Ford's heritage: the GT range XT phase 1, XW phase 2, XY phase 3 and the nearly mythical phase 4 XA. Hardly matched by the Xu1 torana and Brocky...

    An american Nascar mechanic once told me "If you want a racing engine on a budget, get a Chev. If you want the best engine regardless of cost, you get a Ford".

    I like what my dad thinks though "Same sh*t, different smell"


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    Pretty gross... do you think you could cut down on the language?

    Now, about the heritage... are we talking Holden versus Falcon, or GM versus Ford?

    Can we bring in the true heritage? Fords that made their place in the motoring world with a car that became so out of date they closed the plant down for a year to bring out a replacement model... a car that was to bring them in line with the industry in general?

    Then there's the GM-H background, the Australian branch that forged its way without directly using design and development work done in other parts of the world... sure, they have commonality these days, but even then they have to strengthen the bodies dramatically so they can keep the aesthetics in place on the outer skins.

    I think one of the best answers to your question is to point to the results of the 1979 Repco round Australia Trial.

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    I totally agree with your father there renaulturbo dude, it's a case of same sh*t different smell. I think I'll call them Folden Falcadores from now on.

    'There's nothing quite like a Holden' - Thank God!

    'We have Ignition' - So where's the take off?
    You're not paranoid if everyone hates you.

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    ford or holden, gmh v ford,....which one...hmmm
    both of these companies and the cars they made down under only exist because they are all based on european or usa models....if u care to make a decision u need to recognise the heritage of the europens and usa cars to fully qualify a decision on australian cars.....what i m basically saying is that there is no aussie car that hasn t got an overseas (borrowed) equivelant....and dont bother looking it up...its reference to the early falcons...what can i say....they were CRAP cars that became legendary because of the ignorance of what was out there at the time(and a certain mountain)...putting a six into a 70s torana was probably one of the most successful results...anyway its possibly this awareness and how both of the manufacturers cars drive, that would never see me behind the wheel of the moment my head is with the old mercs, my HEART is with my pug..fords and commodores just have no place in my considerations.....

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    Still amazes me how they make such a fuss about IRS.
    So pathetic disappro
    What century are they in?

    But mate... it goes like hell!
    Yeah if you put a V8 in the bloody thing it's got to go hasn't it? Where's the fun?
    The steering geometry & handling is sorted out after we fit the engine.

    Sensiblity is putting aside ego & adopting an adequate approach using half as many cylinders for the same result - unless you need the power for towing or similar.

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    I'm not so sure about that...

    I'd like to have a car with better than 140hp that returned 38mpg on a trip...

    And while Falcon genealogy always went back to American roots, Holden's original designs were always just that. Right up to the HZs they were unique. I mean the full size cars, of course.

    When the Commodore came in they used a German shell, but had to beef it up for local conditions. Still, all the mechanicals were of Australian heritage until the VL came out with the Nissan engine.

    After that the 'world car' idea really took hold.

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    I think I would result to the bike. I would have no pride or will to love or even wash a Ford or Holden.

    If I was paid to drive one it would have to be a Statesman 2002.
    Cheers - Luke

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    So I've got to pick a Ford or a Holden eh?

    Think I'll go for an Aston Martin or a Jag S type. They are both Fords now . aren't they?


    Rod's Home Page

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    '51 model twin spinner convertable lowered with a 302 winsdor nice cams and quad side draughts with a nice gear drive coupled to a 5 spd supra box and a ford 9" diff with q0"wheels under the rear and 8" wheels under the front
    a set of lakes pipes coming out either side
    then cover the body in a deep pearl blue
    the wheels would be chrome to match the exhaust
    that's if i had to have a choice between a holden and ford
    if i couldn't get that then maybe an XC coupe with a few mods
    when it comes to a choice between the two makes i can't see myself in a holden of any sort i'm afraid
    sorry for the language
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    A Ford Focus 2 litre 3 door or the latest GM Astra for that matter, would do me fine....

    ....until I had to work on the thing.

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    I sense a locked topic fast approaching...
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    VN vs EA... neither
    VP vs EB... EB
    VR vs ED... VR
    VS vs EF... EF
    VT vs EL... VT
    VX vs AU... VX
    VY vs BA... BA

    But there would be no passion in the relationship whatsoever.

    John W

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