How Can You Detect a Lie?
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    How Can You Detect a Lie?

    After you've asked someone a question in an email and they respond by email with an answer, how can you tell if they're telling the truth or not? Are there any keywords or phrases that people use in writing that indicate that they're lieing?

    I know that customs agents and police often say that when they ask people questions face to face, its not what they say that indicates they're not being truth but the slight hesitation before they answer a question(s)

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    That's and interesting one.

    Words can be used in fantastic ways. How you construct a group of words can have a great deal of effect on how they are interpreted.

    Subtle things as how many words in a sentence or how many paragraphs are used. Things like this can have significant effects.

    Words are the best may to manipulate interpretation. Common words used instead of words that are more descriptive, can add to the effectiveness of the written words intended effect.

    As for detecting a lie? Obvious avoidance of the initial topic, an explanation before an answer. Elaborate explanation of something simple and easily understood between the sender and receiver?

    Words on a page can be interpreted in so many ways, it is often hard to tell what they mean, and how each person will interpret them.

    Its more of a personal thing.

    This is just my personal opinion

    Best of luck in your quest.
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