How Much Should I be Paying?
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    How Much Should I be Paying?

    A rally driver in France has offered to give me a 1/2 day demonstration for the equivalent of $1800 (Australian$). I've been after this driver to give me a demo for the last year and now he's finally able to arrange something at a testing ground.

    The rate would include 1 mechanic, the rally car, track rental, tires, insurance, brake pads, discs, fuel(@ 4,5/litre), plus transportation.


    Am I being ripped off? The typical rally schools in the UK and Europe don't have high calibre drivers and the others that do have great drivers charge more than this guy. But still its a lot of money for a passenger ride and I'm not sure if he's padding the bill. Everyone says I'm being ripped off since I won't be driving, but the truth of the matter is I don't want to drive, I want the co-driver experience

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    I reckon you've got a lot more money than me...

    But it's altogether up to you how you spend it. Nobody can evaluate what this experience is worth to you but you.

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    WOW, i wish i was in a position to consider such a thing.It's one of those things you can't put a price on, you just got to judge how much YOU value it and try na put it into dollar terms.
    Is this for a thrill or for experience leading you onto bigger and better things? If it is the second reason then it could be worth it!
    that's my 2_cents anyway

    All the best

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    Yeah I agree, it's up to you, if it's something that will be a once in a lifetime experience for you, then go for it. It souynds like some awsome fun!

    I had the thrill a couple of years back of being a passenger in a Ferrari 360 Michaletta (the same car that Bowe drives in the GTP nations cup) around Philip Isalnd, Greg murphy was behind the wheel and power slid the ferrari out of almost every corner and getting the Ferrari up to 265km/h on the main straight was just mind boggling! It was just amazing the way he drove, the way he picked the apexes and they huge amount of force he applied with unbeliveable late braking. I wouldn't have put a price on the day, it was just awsome, especially when Raftis (the owner of the prancing horse racing team) let me take their racing spec Ferrari 360 Challenge for 2 flying laps around the Island eek! eek! was just the best day of my life.

    I also met paul stocket with his lambo and my dad got a ride in it (as a passenger)

    I also got to go for a ride in the Warick racing Porsche GT3R Nations cup car, was as quick as the ferrari, except the driver was not as experience as Murphy wink

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