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    Melbourne Aircon Dudes

    Can anybody in Melbourne point me in the direction of a reliable, reasonably priced and helpful Aircon specialist? I was screwed over big time by a certain aircon place last month, and i dont want the same to happen again.
    I just need a re-gas, and possibly new seals in a few of the pipes.

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    You might want to give Nick at B&N Auto Electrics in Blackburn (near the railway station) a call. (I forget their number.)

    I took my old Honda there to get the aircon compressor replaced and whatever it took to get the A/C work again, not only was their quote cheapest (and it didn't magically rise like you sort-of expect!), the aircon was like a Siberian winter afterwards

    Not sure what experience they have with French cars though (but I doubt the cars would be THAT much different, bar using Valeo electrics instead of Bosch/Lucas, etc. ?)
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