Various Peugeot storage questions
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    Various Peugeot storage questions

    After heading up to Buller on the weekend, i've decided i'm going to buy some skis, rather than keep hiring them. Many of my friends board/ski, and until recently, i've been below their standard, but now being able to keep up with them, i've decided i'm going to head up a bit more often. Obviously, its getting a bit late in this season for it to be a major issue (the volvo will do for now), but how do the pugs go with fitting ski gear in them? Do 405s have the holes in the back arm rest allowing them to slot through? would a 205 with roof racks cut the mustard? - skis being 185-200cm. This is going to be an issue that will define what car i purchase, as i'll be using some of the proceeds from my car to buy the gear. Does anyone else ski or snowboard? and if so, how do they find their froggies up on the mountain?



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    From what I understand all Pug sedans up to the 405 had a steel plate behind the rear seats, supposedly for structual rigidity.

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    From what I understand all Pug sedans up to (and including) the 405 had a steel plate behind the rear seats, supposedly for structual rigidity.
    And also to stop you being crushed by luggage missiles in an accident

    I really don't know how fold down rear seats can be considered satisfactory in todays safety conscience world, unless load barriers or high tensile strength nets are provided.

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    The 405 Mi16 definitely has a panel above the rear seat middle to take long items such as skis, also great to drive on those mountain roads.. My father used to put his skis in a goggomobile by removing the grille and cutting a small hole behind. He'd put the grille back on and voila The skis were as long as the entire car. you could try this technique!! greg

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    i am pretty sure all 405's have a ski flap behind the rear centre armrest
    my Mi-16 had one and it was an 89 model
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    All 405's have skiports. Put both front and rear armrests down, open the plastic flap thing and slide the skis through.
    An old blanket would be a good idea to wrap around the skis and poles to stop them staining and scratching the upholstery.

    On a trip to the slopes last year, le 405 carted up 3 passengers + driver, 6 pairs of skis in the ski port, 6 sets of poles (between passenger seat and door), 4 toboggans and food for 16 people. dance
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